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к. такие конструкции считаются неправильными с точки зрения грамматики.

Герундий в функции прямого дополнения употребляется после многих смысловых глаголов. Например:

Participles, gerunds and their constructions will often be translated into Russian with the help of adverbial participles or subordinate clauses, i.e., participles and gerunds may be undistinguishable in Russian translation. (See notes on translation in The Participle inside the section Grammar.)

His attempt at obtaining out ended in failure. – His attempt to acquire out resulted in failure. (The gerund is a lot more official below; the infinitive is a lot more widespread.)

to insist on marketing the house; to item to purchasing a car; to disapprove of using tobacco; to apologize for becoming late;

The simple Lively kind of the gerund is frequently utilised in place of the best kind in those circumstances where by it is not required to tension the action expressed by the gerund precedes the action expressed by the main verb (furnished that the context is evident). By way of example:

Inside the examples above, the distinction between the simple varieties of the present participle and gerund should be clear.

The participle "singing" is within the functionality of the attribute in the next and 3rd illustrations. The gerund "singing" is while in the functionality of the noun (the topic; predicative noun; direct item).

Причастие настоящего времени и герундий: Простые формы

Чтение вслух read this очень полезно для изучающих английский язык.

He was a mover this website and also a shaker, a hustler: In case you experienced it, he could market it for you personally." In the song from 2009, Drake describes going to Western Union to wire revenue to his father, and wondering whether or not his father's professions of love are sincere or opportunistic.

. "I hope it opens up some doors back again into acting," Drake states. He hammed it up winningly around the demonstrate, providing influenced impressions of Lil Wayne and Katt Williams, and poking entertaining at his possess biography: He rapped in a single sketch about sipping Manischewitz.

Идея обсудить pool swimming rules это с Томом кажется интересной. – Возможно, неплохая идея обсудить это с Томом.

Every single Drake album starts with a discussion in between the two. "I glance to 40 to spark the album off," Drake says. "Give me a defeat. What does this album sound like? Then we start off having beats and session information from other producers and decide them aside, getting the bits and parts we like."

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